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SPO WBBag: Company wide tips for SharePoint Online from product to service (Cloud Service SharePoint Online)

In this article I will not cover all phases and planning, but some insights from my experience. FIRST MOST IMPORTANT Companies are usually curious by nature and it is your responsibility to design processes that the client is unaware of in the context of migration and modern workplace. IN A MIGRATION CLIENTS ARE INSATISFAYED BY NATURE. You have a lot...

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SPMT European Union Data Boundary (EUDB) Microsoft 365 Migrations Changes

When reading this article, it requires official reading provided by Microsoft at the bottom of the page. Beginning April 1, 2023, all new European Union (EU) scans and migrations, except for Stream, will be processed in the EU. You may continue to run existing migrations until September 30, 2023. Starting October 1, 2023, you will no longer have access to...