Proximity Solutions Industry 4.0


Take the most out of IoT by letting your own assets to inform / alert your Information System about their location, maintenance schedule and status.

So you heard of iBeacon , EddyStone, RFID, NFC, IOT and so on?

But does any of these help to empower your business?


Empower Your Business Applications with Proximity Awareness

Make your business applications part of the IoT world by integrating proximity awareness. Our partners have been at the forefront of iBeacon , EddyStone, RFID, NFC, IOT … technology, developing a platform that significantly reduces the time required for new solutions. Harness the power of proximity technologies to enhance your business!

Automated Tracking Take control of your assets’ movements. Trigger custom actions when they enter or leave your facilities or those of your clients.

Quick Inventory Scan Save time with our quick inventory scan! Detect all assets within approximately 50m radius instead of checking them individually.

Indoor Location Set up your facility blueprint and define logical business areas. Quickly locate a specific asset and get directions to it, saving valuable time.

Backoffice Manage all data through a web-based backoffice. Seamlessly integrate data with existing systems using our API.

BI Analytics Gain real-time insights into stock levels, asset locations, maintenance alerts, and environmental alerts (e.g., temperature). Use this information to optimize your business operations.

Devices Our platform supports devices from any manufacturer, with an impressive battery life of approximately 4 years.