Implementing Governance and Security in Power Automate: A Case Study dummy company

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Abstract: As organizations like Globex Corporation embrace digital transformation, tools such as Power Automate become central to automating business processes. However, the convenience of automation brings forth the challenge of maintaining governance and security. This article explores the steps Globex Corporation took to implement a robust governance framework and ensure the security of its Power Automate deployment.


Globex Corporation, a multinational company in the logistics industry, recognized the need to automate its complex workflows to stay competitive. Power Automate was chosen for its versatility and integration capabilities. To safeguard its digital assets and maintain operational integrity, Globex implemented a comprehensive governance and security strategy.

Governance and Security Strategy

Understanding the Architecture

Globex began by educating its IT staff about the architecture of Power Platform, ensuring a clear understanding of how Power Automate integrates with other Microsoft services.

Security Measures

  • Licensing: Globex reviewed its licensing agreements to ensure compliance and proper access.
  • Environment Roles: The company utilized multiple environments to segregate development, testing, and production, assigning user roles to manage access.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): DLP policies were established to control data flow between connectors, preventing potential data breaches.
  • Least Privilege Access: Access rights were carefully assigned based on the principle of least privilege, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Alert and Action

A governance model was defined, delineating the responsibilities between citizen developers and the IT department. Support protocols were also established for handling issues in non-default environments.


Globex set up auditing and compliance tracking to monitor the usage of Power Automate, ensuring adherence to governance policies.

Regular Reviews and Audits

Periodic audits were scheduled to review policy compliance and detect any unauthorized or risky usage.

Staying Updated

The company committed to staying informed on the latest security practices, ready to update its strategies as needed.

Education and Nurturing

Globex invested in training programs to nurture a culture of security awareness among its employees.

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Use Case: Automated Invoice Processing

Scenario: Globex Corporation’s finance department receives hundreds of invoices daily, which were previously processed manually.

Solution: The company implemented an automated invoice processing system using Power Automate. The process involves:

  • Scanning and uploading invoices to a SharePoint library.
  • Power Automate flows extract data from the invoices using AI Builder.
  • The extracted data is then verified and entered into the financial system.


  • Efficiency: Reduced processing time from days to hours.
  • Accuracy: Minimized human error in data entry.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle increased invoice volume without additional staffing.

Governance and Security:

  • Access to the SharePoint library and financial system is controlled through environment roles.
  • DLP policies ensure sensitive financial data is not shared outside the organization.
  • Regular audits verify the integrity of the automated process.


Globex Corporation’s proactive approach to governance and security in Power Automate has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also fortified its digital ecosystem against potential threats. This case study serves as a model for other organizations seeking to harness the power of automation while maintaining strict governance and security standards.


Joao Livio

João has over two decades of IT experience and holds several certifications, including Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). He is also a Lean Specialist with expertise in Lean Management, Nintex, and other training programs from LinkedIn and Udemy, including exams related to Azure and the Power Platform. As a Consultant and Advisor for Modern Work, João assists clients in unlocking their digital potential and optimizing productivity and collaboration. His approach is agnostic to technology, focusing on practical solutions that align with business goals. He has consistently been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 10 consecutive years. His commitment to excellence extends beyond technical expertise; he also values consistency, mental health, creative thinking, teamwork, and fun at work. João believes that learning every day within a team context is the key to continuous improvement.

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