Consume Lookup Multi Select Fields SPFx with Models and Hooks

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First when you set up lookup columns in a list or library, Microsoft restricts you to 12 columns of that type in a single view. The reason behind this limitation is that lookup columns retrieve data from another list or source. If you surpass this limit and try to add a 13th column, you’ll encounter an error message. It seems that 13 isn’t a lucky number in this case!

But if for your use case makes sense, here it is a solutions using the SharePoint Framework SPFx, not to bypass but use.

See my previous posts about Models and Hooks

Use Models

/* Model to MAP */
export interface IMyModelToMap {
    MyId: number;
    MyText: string;
    MyMultiSelectLookup: IMylMultiSelectResponse[];

/* IMyMainResponse Response */
export interface IMyMainResponse {
    Id: number;
    Title: string;
    MyMultiSelectLookup: IMylMultiSelectResponse[];

/* IMylMultiSelectResponse Response */
export interface IMylMultiSelectResponse {
    Id: number;
    Title: string;

Your Custom Hook

import { Logger, LogLevel } from "@pnp/logging";
import { spfi, SPFI } from "@pnp/sp";
import { useEffect, useState } from "react";
// Interfaces
import { IMyMainResponse, IMyModelToMap } from "../interfaces/MyModel"
import { getSP } from "../pnpjsConfig";
import { Caching } from "@pnp/queryable";

const useTranings = () => {

    const LOG_SOURCE = "PnPLog";
    const LIBRARY_NAME = "Your List Name"

    const [myItems, setMyItems] = useState<IMyModelToMap[]>([]);
    const [isError, setError] = useState<boolean>(false);

    const _sp: SPFI = getSP();
        //Side Effect
        useEffect(() => {
            (async () => {
                try {
                    const spCache = spfi(_sp).using(Caching({ store: "session" }))
                    const response: IMyMainResponse[] = await spCache.web.lists

                        const items: IMyModelToMap[] = IMyMainResponse) => {
                            return {
                             MyId: item.Id || 0,
                             MyText: item.Title || "undefined",
                             MyMultiSelectLookup: item.MyMultiSelectLookup || []

                } catch (err) {
                        `${LOG_SOURCE} (getting files useEffect setMyItems) - ${JSON.stringify(err)} - `, LogLevel.Error
        }, []);

        return [myItems, isError] as const

export default useYourCustomHook

Our React Control

//* Omitted for abbreviation */

//Custom Hook
import useYourCustomHook from '../../../hooks/useYourCustomHook';

const YourControl: React.FC<IYourControlProps> = (props) => {
  const {
} = props;

const [myItems, isError] = useYourCustomHook();

<section className={`${styles.mainProgress} ${hasTeamsContext ? styles.teams : ''}`}>
if (!isError) {
    return (
          {, idx) => {
            return (
                 { => {
                    return (
  } else {
    return <p>Error</p>;

export default YourControl

Hope that helps you


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