Leaving the comfort zone is amazing

Over 27 years in the IT Sector in Portugal, Ireland and Belgium, essentially in Microsoft technology. Have been working hands-on with preparation of development environment and execution processes of variety of Software solutions since very early of my career having fun in great projects, corporations and clients.

I Grabbed opportunities to professionally become specialized in Microsoft SharePoint Server, started with version 2003 and started accepting development and implementation of end-to-end portal solutions and Migrations using SharePoint. Now implementing and developing solutions for the Microsoft 365 Stack.

Since then, had always been keen on keeping up with the evolutionary process of the platform. Humble, like to share, and as a result, I had the pleasure to be nominated by Microsoft (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) from 2002 to 2012 (I had 10 nominations in a row for Office Systems).

Problem solver by nature, never turn down a challenge that address critical problem. Organized in terms of scheduling and work plan, used to plan meticulously project implementation process, and in spite of all if there are unplanned issues, he is always willing to handle.

Vast experience in execution of tasks under pressure and besides having an innate problem-solving ability, hands-on incident management experience.

Multicultural experience mainly in Belgium European Commission and Ireland Irish Department of Environment, also deep knowledge managing teams and deadlines in both closed or consulting projects.

For all these reasons, I believe can contribute to any project that has to do with the world of Microsoft and be valuable asset and team member as main technology source.