Do I Need Admin Rights to Use the ShareGate Migration Tool?

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First of all see my ADVERTISING section relative to add’s, publicity in this Site. I use others Products or Tools also, I’ll talk about them when makes sense for an article.

ShareGate is a tool that I use daily in the context of Migrations. This is a frequently asked question. I’m just talking about the use of the product and its CMDLETs

The answer is NO, you will NOT need Local Administrator permissions to use the product and its CMDLETs, this is because during installation, PowerShell commands are installed in a specific location and not in the default directory /Modules of Windows, a zone you must have Admin Rights to Install PS command’s. You can use 100% ShareGate without Admin Rights.

See my other post About the PnP.PowerShell and Admin Rights also.

Therefore, you can install the Product via the Corporation Digital Store or ask an Administrator to install it for you, that is, follow the Company’s Governance for this type of installation.

Usually I advise for specific permissions in My VM, Rights to Install Sofware with limited permissions, because you will certainly use Automated Jobs, for that you must also have permissions to use the Windows Task Schedule. This is the only mandatory need for me.

In my next WBBag I’ll give you all insights we’re your VM, yes VM should be, and an Architecture for a Migration with as little impact as possible to be throttled. 👍


Joao Livio

Joao is a Consultant with more than 27 years of experience in various technologies, he has been working with SharePoint since version 2003, an area in which he decided to specialize. Today he works in the Modern Workplace area with focus in Migrations to Office/Microsoft 365 as well in the Ecosystem Development, having fun in amazing projects and in amazing Corporations and Clients. MCP, MCTS, MVP Alumni, Nintext and Certified Lean Specialist

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